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Magic Stand | Desk Hub

The Desk Hub is the innovative monitor stand with elegant design that comes with power station functionalities thanks to the 4 integrated USB-A ports.

They are equipped with Turbo Charge technology (2.1 Ampere) to charge up to 4 devices simultaneously at maximum speed.

The Magic Stand is a lightweight, compact, foldable and portable desk stand. Specially designed for tablets and laptops up to 15”.

The product is made of ultra-light plastic, with a soft anti-scratch and anti-slip silicone coating, as to ensure maximum adherence of the device.

It offers 6 levels of height adjustment to have the best perspective in any position.

Thanks to its modern and elegant design, the Magic Stand is versatile and suitable for any situation: at home and in the office.


The ARMBSPORT is a sport armband for smartphones up to 6,9’’ and small size objects. Thanks to the adjustable strap closure it perfectly adheres to the arm and the fabric is sweat resistant.

The plastic window is compatible with the touchscreen function, enabling you to use your smartphone during your workouts without removing it from the case. It has a reflective frame for better visibility in low light conditions.

The ARMBSPORT is also resistant to water splashes, allowing you to do sports in any weather condition.

The RUNBSPORT is the new  adjustable sport belt made of elastic material that perfectly adheres to your body to guarantee maximum comfort during sport activities.

The sport belt is equipped with reflective edges to ensure your safety when when training after sunset

Always carry with you everything you need: RUNBSPORT is perfect for small objects such as keys, earphones, wallets and smartphones up to 6.9’’.


The ProHubPlus is an elegant multi-port USB-C hub with aluminium finish to connect and charge your devices through smartphones, tablets and laptops equipped with USB-C port.

The 2 USB 3.0 ports ensure the data transfer with the maximum speed of your additional storages and peripherals. The USB-C port allows you to charge your devices up to 60W thanks to the Power Delivery technology.

Thanks to the HDMI port, you can watch movies and stream videos in 4K on your compatible display extending your laptop display.


The BusinessBack is an elegant backpack in faux leather finish, designed for people who are always on the go for business.

It has a pocket for laptops up to 15.6” with a travel-friendly opening and a rainproof zip closure to keep your belongings always safe and dry.

The BusinessBack has 4 pockets for small objects inside, to tidily carry with you everything you need. It comes equipped with a trolley strap, that allows you to safely hang your backpack to your luggage and to easily carry it with you also during long travels.

The backpack is equipped with a USB port with integrated cable that allows you to charge your smartphone even when you are on the go.


The STERILIZERBAG kills up to 99% of bacteria thanks to the UV light, keep you smartphone, smartwatch & accessories safe!

 Suitable for all kind of smartphones, smartwatch and accessories as earphones, TWS, cables, but also protective masks, gloves etc.

How does it work?

1)     Connect the Sterilizerbag trough a charger or powerbank

2)     Open the bag and insert your smartphone or accessories

3)     Close the bag and press the button to start the sterilization process

4)     For a quick sterilization it takes 15 minutes, press the button to stop the process and extract the objects.

Keep your device screen safe from fingerprints, dirt and stains thanks to ProClean monouse wipes.

The cleaning formula gives shine to your device screen, removing fingerprints, dirt and stains.

30 monouse pieces included in packaging.