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Celly Mag Stand Charger

MAGSTANDCHARGE is a magnetic holder with wireless charging function, which can be broken down into 3 different holders: a desk holder, a car holder for air vent and a universal holder for all metal surfaces. MAGSTANDCHARGE has a removable head equipped with an internal magnet: this allows you to easily attach it to the holder, and to quickly detach it to use it with one of the other bases available in the pack.

The head is compatible with the MagSafe magnetic alignment of the latest iPhone models, starting from 12: when you place your iPhone on the holder, the circular magnet will automatically hook onto the magnetic module of the device and lock it securely in place.

Together with the holder function, MAGSTANDCHARGE also has a MagSafe wireless charging function, with a wireless charge of 15 Watts. Included in the package there is a USB-A to USB-C cable to power up the stand.

* An iPhone with MagSafe system or MagSafe compatible case is required to use the wireless charging technology.

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